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HUSD Device Protection

HUSD Device Protection

Hilmar school district is excited to announce our self-insured district insurance.

Please read the HUSD Student Device Protection Policy for coverage information.

If you have previously purchased coverage from Worth Ave Group please note that your coverage will not change and we are still processing damaged devices for you.

If you are unsure about your students device coverage please contact Ms. Taylor at 667-5903 Ext. 4127 and she will be happy to answer any questions.

Worth Ave. Group Coverage

** Starting at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year HHS no longer offers device coverage through WORTH AVE. GROUP **

This is a brief overview of what is and is not covered by WORTH AVE. GROUP on HHS chrome-book units. Please see the link here for WORTH AVE. GROUPS full policy declaration.

Please note that Hilmar High School has purchased coverage option number three for our school.

What is Covered?

  1. Accidental Damage: Drops, Liquid Spills and Liquid Submersion
  2. Standard Perils: Fire, Flood, Vandalism, Natural Disasters and Power Surge due to lightning
  3. Theft, Burglary and Robbery. (with police report)

What is NOT Covered?

  1. Corrosion & Rust, Cosmetic Damage, Dishonest Acts, Intentional Acts, Nuclear Hazard
  2. Power Surge (except lightning)
  3. Theft From An Unattended vehicle
  4. Unexplained Loss or Mysterious Disappearance.
  5. War-Government Seizure and Wear and Tear.

Other than reporting what has happened to the school, is there anything else I need to do?

  1. Report loss or damage to us or our agent (Hilmar High School) immediately. We process the claim to Worth Ave. Group for you.
  2. You must notify the local police immediately and file a report, upon discovery of a loss if the loss is a result of theft, fire or vandalism.