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Home Economics Careers & Technology Education

Clothing and Textile Design 1 #600 This is a one-year course which focuses on the selection and use of sewing equipment, basic clothing construction techniques, fabric and patterns, wardrobe selection, clothing care, and careers in the clothing and textile industry. Students will work with woven and knit fabrics to create their own personal products. Fabrics, patterns, notions, and supplies must be provided by the students. Student will be responsible for supplying all the necessary materials for projects made in this class. A list of items will be provided to the student. Open to Grades: 9-12 Other Information: Student must purchase all supplies needed in this class to complete required project.
Clothing and Textile Design 2 #601 Students will continue to expand their sewing skills learned in Clothing and Textile Design 1. Students will be expected to work on their projects more independently and improve their ability to understand the knitting, crocheting and sewing processes. We will focus on careers in the fashion industry, and real-life applications. This class may be taken after completing Clothing and Textiles Design 1 satisfactorily. Student is responsible for supplying all the necessary material for projects made in this class. Prerequisite: Clothing and Textiles 1 Open to Grades: 10-12 Other Information: Student must supply the fabric and materials for projects. 
Family and Consumer Science #6003 This course will teach you how to take charge of your life, how to relate to others and how to communicate with family and friends. Topics will include foods and nutrition, including food choices; parenting and child guidance; awareness of home economics-related careers; basic sewing skills including care and maintenance of a wardrobe; consumer decision making; and family conflicts and crises. Learn to be your best, to look your best and to have a better future. Open to Grades: 9 -12 
P Foods and Nutrition #602 Although you've had years of experience eating food, do you really know enough about food and nutrition? This course will help you understand how to be healthy now and in the future through nutritional knowledge and choices. Learn food preparation techniques, kitchen equipment and design, meal service and etiquette, health and fitness, budgeting, and about careers related to the food-service and hospitality or food science industry. If you like food and feeling healthy, you’ll like this course! Prerequisite: Family and Consumer Studies Open to Grades: 10 -12 
P Child Development #605 Take this exciting course to understand and observe how children and adolescents grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Learn the way heredity, the environment, and current medical trends affect conception and prenatal development. Become knowledgeable about the value of play and recreation; health and safety issues; and positive guidance and discipline techniques. This course is a great beginning to a career in child development or teaching. Prerequisite: Family and Consumer Studies Open to Grades: 10 -12