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Business Education


Computer Applications #553  Students Do not leave Hilmar without Computer Applications: a skill for life! This course is designed to introduce and develop the efficient use of the computer applications. Students will learn to use Microsoft Suite (MS) software programs in word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Students will learn to determine which software programs are needed to create specific parts of project documents, and then create their software solutions. Open to Grades: 9-12 Other Information: Students will earn a Computer Applications Certificate upon successful course completion. 
Accounting #556 Accounting provides instruction in the principles and processes involved in manual double-entry accounting systems. It covers the accounting cycle–including use of journals, ledgers & worksheets, preparation of income statements & balance sheets, & specialized accounting functions such as banking, petty cash & payroll. In addition to the manual accounting processes, it also includes the use of calculators and computers to process financial information and produce reports. Open to Grades: 10-12 Other Information: Satisfies one year of math requirement. 
Advanced Accounting #557 This course is designed for students who wish to further their accounting education. Advanced accounting emphasizes accounting procedures for a merchandising business organized as a partnership or corporation. Second semester is strictly automated accounting procedures. College credit is available for this course through Modesto Junior College. Prerequisite: Accounting Open to Grades: 11-12 Other Information: Satisfies one year of math requirement. 
Computer Game Development #5645 Introduction to game design and programming. Common practices used in the video game industry today will also be introduced. Students will learn the basics of creating a PC game through lecture material, hands-on laboratories, and a final project in which the students will build a simple game. Open to Grades: 9-12 Advanced 
Computer Game Development #5646 Students will incorporate all the graphic elements of games including varying colors, loading and displaying images, and creating scrolling backgrounds. Finally, students will learn how to add sound and music, use keyboard input codes, and even integrate artificial intelligence. Advanced Computer Game Development is designed to be a hands-on, task driven course where students learn by doing; like going up a staircase, students will progress step by step. Advanced Computer Game Development will teach students how to design and develop compete video games from start to finish. Open to Grades: 11-12 Other Information: Students will earn a Certificate upon mastery of course.
Computer Graphic Design #5655 Students will learn how design is used successfully in the work place and the marketplace by using desktop publishing, Web development, and video/sound production. Students will learn to use Adobe software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat) to create projects combining text and graphic images with animation in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and other types of visual communications. Open to Grades 10-12 Other Information: Students will earn a Certificate upon mastery of software. 
Personal Investing Strategies #5665 Personal Investing Strategies (formerly Personal Finance) brings economic, consumer, and personal finance topics to life. This course focuses on preparing students for their careers in the working world as employees and consumers. Topics covered: Rights of Consumers, Choosing a Career, Budgeting, Banking, Credit, Income Taxes, Saving, Investing, Transportation, Housing, and Insurance. Students will also complete a project that links all aspects of personal finance to their life that relates to their own “Life Span Plan.” Open to Grades: 11-12